What Does the Monument Valley Resort Offer?

Goulding’s Resort

Monument Valley is one of the greatest places in the US to spend some time visiting, and Goulding’s is the perfect resort to stay at to enjoy the offerings of the Valley.

Dining in Monument Valley

Various food options are available for people who are hungry.  This includes the convenience store, which has various snacks and drinks, as well as a food court.  For people who are looking for supplies for the campfire or are looking to stock up on their kitchenette, the Goulding’s Grocery store is the place to go.  Finally, for a full dining experience, the Stagecoach Restaurant is the place to be!  The authentic Navajo and Native cuisine in the area is second to none!


There are many other conveniences at Goulding’s Monument Valley Hotel that make the stay very convenient.  There is a gas station right next to the convenience store, making it easy to top off the gas tank before heading your way home.  There is a fully functional laundromat as well, which is available for all visitors to wash their clothes.  Finally, for pilots who would like to visit Goulding’s, there is a private airstrip on premise which let people fly in on small aircraft.  


There are a great number of lodging options available for visitors to the Goulding’s Resort.  This includes camping spots, RV parking spots, cabins, hotel rooms, villas, and even a luxury house.  These lodging spots have a wide variety of amenities available.  The highest end luxury house includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and more!


An expansive vista of buttes, rock formations, and spires exists in the Monument Valley, and the best way to see all of these is through a guided tour with one of the local tour guides.  Tours start as low as $67 for the basic package, in which a local tour guide will take you in a tour car for a tour of various sites such as the East and West Mittens, Three Sister’s, and John Ford’s point. 

A deluxe tour offers and expanded look at a larger number of sites, while the sunset, sunrise, and full moon tours provide tours at various times of the day.  The all-day tour extends the tour into the Hidden Valley, while the Muley Point and Goosenecks tours provide tours to other places in the Monument Valley area.  

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop, located near the hotel, has a wide variety of souvenirs that will remind you of your stay in Monument Valley.  This includes artwork made by local Native American artists, as well as items related to the Westerns made in the area in the 20th Century.

Earth Spirit Theater

The Earth Spirit Theater provides opportunities to watch various films pertinent to the Monument Valley.  This includes films explaining the history of the Monument Valley, as well as John Wayne movie’s to commemorate the Monument Valley’s role as a backdrop in many Western films.


Finally, Goulding’s also can help accommodate wedding’s and other events.  From catering, to a reception area, to more, this can be a great place to celebrate yuour special event!

The Goulding’s Resort has a full range of activities, amenities, and other services to make your stay in the Monument Valley an enjoyable experience! 

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