Lodging in Monument Valley

The Goulding’s Monument Valley lodging experience includes a wide range of places, from camping spots, to RV parks, to villas.  The camping spots are much more affordable for visitors on the budget but do come with fewer amenities. 

On the other hand, the luxury home is the peak of Goulding’s lodging, but costs a fair amount.  The perfect balance between affordability and luxury is the Hotel at Goulding’s, which is in many ways the centerpiece of the Goulding’s lodging experience.   


The amenities at the Monument Valley Hotel match what you would see in any major city in the world.  This includes media/tech options like free Wi-Fi and Dish Network TV, a mini fridge, a Keurig coffee maker, both air conditioning and heating, an ironing board and iron, and hair dryer.  Despite being so far into the wilderness of the Monument Valley, the Hotel at Goulding’s is very much a fully-fledged hotel, in every sense of the word.

The rooms are expansive and include a kitchen, bathroom, at least two bedrooms, and a living room.  Room options include a queen bed, two queen beds, or a king bedroom.  Rooms also include a patio.  Lucky visitors with a Northeast viewing window will have a full view of the Monument Valley Itself!  Nothing starts off a day of exploring the Monument Valley like sitting on the outdoor patio of your hotel room and slowly watching the sun rise over the desert!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Many of the amenities at the Goulding’s Resort are located directly around the hotel area.  This includes the Stagecoach Restaurant, which offers a variety of Navajo and Southwest cuisine, such as the Navajo taco or the Grilled Roast Beef and Green Chile.  For people staying at the hotel, the Stagecoach Restaurant is the place to be! 

The Goulding’s Museum is also located right next to the hotel at Goulding’s.  The Museum provides glimpse into the history of the trading post which was located in the area during older times.  The Museum also contains display cases of historical pottery from the Native American tribes who lived in the area in the past.

Hotel guests will also have a chance to dip in the pool as well!  The pool is open all year and is open for all hotel guests!  Nothing finishes off a day of arduous hiking a like a long dip in the pool! 

There is also a “movie room” that showcases the area’s involvement in Hollywood’s Western films, and a “living quarters” showing what the Gouldings’ home looked like in the mid-20th century.  The Goulding’s Museum provides insight into the several layers of history that exist in the area and allows visitors to fully appreciate the tapestry of events that have occurred here over the years.

Finally, right by the museum is a gift shop where you can buy an assortment of items to remember your trip to Monument Valley!  These items include artwork handmade by local Native American artists.  Southwest items sold at the gift shop include pottery, rugs, jewelry, and more!  Western film themed souvenirs are also sold as well! 

The Centerpiece of Goulding’s

In many ways, the area around the hotel is the centerpiece of the Goulding’s Resort.  With the hotel, pool, museum, gift shop, and restaurant, this is the center of activity for Goulding’s. 

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